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mcc wins four tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize in the second batch (2023) of the 20th china civil engineering
source:scientific and technological management department author:scientific and technological management department release time:2024-02-01

  recently, the china civil engineering society announced the winners of the second batch of tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize in the 20th (2023). a total of 45 outstanding representative projects in the field of civil engineering won awards, among which 4 projects of mcc won the honor, of which 2 projects were directly recommended by mcc, and the quality and level of awards were steadily improved.

  the winning projects were: "dong'an lake sports park project of fisu world university games" declared and led by china mcc5, "tianjin juilliard school" declared and led by mcc tiangong, "universal beijing resort project (phase i)" completed by shanghai baoye and china jingye, and "chengdu tianfu international airport (terminal building and supporting projects)" completed by china wuye.

  tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize (referred to as "tien-yow jeme prize") was a scientific and technological award approved by the ministry of science and technology and recognized by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, aiming at promoting scientific and technological innovation and progress in the civil engineering industry. it was the highest honor of scientific and technological innovation in the field of civil engineering in china, which has a high influence in the civil engineering industry and even at the national level. in the past three years, mcc has won a total of 13 awards, and the level and number of awards have been rising continuously, which indicates that mcc has a significant influence on scientific and technological innovation achievements in the field of civil engineering in china.

  in recent years, mcc has continuously strengthened the all-round and whole-process management of major scientific and technological achievements and awards in the field of civil engineering, especially taking major engineering projects as the carrier, strengthening the overall layout, advance planning, and making every effort to do a good job in organizing, coordinating, and guiding scientific and technological achievements. with the high-level recommendation of the tien-yow jeme prize as the starting point, the influence of the group's major scientific and technological achievements has been significantly enhanced, which provides solid scientific and technological support for the group to achieve the goal of "one establishment, the best and the most trusted, and five strengths".

winners of the second batch (2023) of the 20th tien-yow jeme civil engineering prize of mcc



  recommended unit

  main participating units


  dong'an lake sports park project of fisu world university games

  china metallurgical group corporation

  1 china mcc5 group corp., ltd.

  2 chengdu park city construction development research institute

  3 sichuan university

  4 hangzhou garden design institute co., ltd.

  5 shanghai taihe water technology development co., ltd.

  6 shenzhen kaiming intelligent construction technology co., ltd.

  7 chengdu surveying geotechnical research institute co., ltd. of mcc

  8 decoration engineering co., ltd. of mcc5

  9 china construction eighth engineering division corp., ltd.

  10 mcc west steel structure co., ltd.



  tianjin juilliard school

  china metallurgical group corporation


  1 mcc tiangong group corporation limited

  2 ecadi

  3 tianjin university school of civil engineering

  4 beijing yuanda international project management consulting co., ltd.

  5 tianjin mcc tiangong group corporation limited


  universal beijing resort project (phase i)

  beijing society of civil engineering and architecture

  1 china construction second engineering bureau ltd.

  2 beijing international resort area co., ltd.

  3 china railway construction group co., ltd.

  4 china construction first group construction & development co., ltd.

  5 shanghai baoye group corp., ltd.

  6 china jingye engineering co., ltd.

  7 beijing urban construction group co., ltd.

  8 china construction second bureau third construction engineering co., ltd.

  9 biad

  10 beijing international construction group co., ltd.


  chengdu tianfu international airport (terminal building and supporting projects)

  sichuan society of architect & civil engineer


  1 china construction eighth engineering division corp., ltd.

  2 cscec

  3 beijing urban construction group co., ltd.

  4 china huashi enterprise co., ltd.

  5 shanghai construction no.1 (group) co., ltd.

  6 china mcc5 group corp., ltd.

  7 cregc architecture & construction engineering co., ltd.

  8 jiangsu huning steel machinery co., ltd.

  9 china railway 14th bureau group corporation limited

  10 shanxi yuncheng construction engineering group co., ltd.

  the "dong'an lake sports park project of fisu world university games" led by china mcc5 covered an area of 5,984 mu, including a 2.7 million m3 reservoir, 3.46 million m2 of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, 7.4 km of municipal roads (including 1.7 km of lake tunnels and 9 municipal bridges), 11.25 km of greenways, 25 landscape bridges, 49 buildings, and 57 structures. it was the venue for the opening ceremony of the 31st fisu world university games, and one of the first national park urban construction projects to practice "considering ecological value", which was an important ecological pivot of the chengdu-chongqing dual city economic circle.

the project put forward the design concept of "vibrant ecology, park city", and formed an innovative design with deep integration of functions such as water diversion irrigation, regional culture, garden art, and public service by means of storing ponds into lakes, integrating cities and parks, and integrating land and water carbon sequestration, which provided a concrete way to deepen the concept of park city. for the first time, a technology method for coupling the hydrodynamic effects of regional water systems with nutrient fate assessment was proposed. a gravity-driven in-situ three-dimensional ecosystem self-purification technology was developed, and the optimal water biomass chain was constructed, which achieved green and low-carbon governance of dong'an lake and long-term maintenance of endogenous and steady-state water in the lake area. the key technical system of active and passive collaborative presentation of light and shadow with torch tower as the core was developed, which realized the natural presentation of light and shadow dialogue with energy saving and low carbon. the intelligent management and control platform of the ecological park was developed, which realized the integrated intelligent management of designconstructionoperation and maintenance of park construction, and led the digital transformation of ecological garden construction.

  the project won the china construction engineering luban prize in 2022, the 3-star evaluation of green construction level of cacem project construction, the first prize for engineering design of china illuminating engineering society, and the first prize for sichuan province exploration and design association, and the scientific and technological achievements formed won four first prizes of china society of landscape architecture and china association of environmental protection industry and china patent excellence award.

the project received more than 2,000 national dignitaries, foreign friends, and experts from various industries, held more than 400 activities of various kinds, and attracted 75 million tourists to enter the park. the chinese young writers award was permanently settled in dong'an lake. it adsorbed 7,610.5 tons of co2 annually, effectively alleviating the heat island effect, and attracted 45 kinds of birds into the park, including 4 kinds of national second-class protected wild animals, effectively protecting urban biodiversity. it was the only park project in the first batch of typical cases of intelligent construction of new technologies, new products, and innovative services by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, which has great promotion value. it promoted the birth of the country's first park city evaluation standard and the release of the world's first park city index, providing a "china plan" for the sustainable development of world cities.

  the "tianjin juilliard school" led by mcc tiangong was located in the binhai new area of tianjin. it was an international art center that integrated music education, research, and performance. it was the first branch of the "harvard of the music industry" julia school outside the united states, with a total construction area of 45,000 m2, a building height of 38 me, 2 underground floors, and 6 above ground floors, including a music hall, concert hall, black box theater, rehearsal hall, and five teaching corridors. it adopted the open design concept of "single body as school and hall as a park", blended naturally with the surrounding environment, and 147 acoustic spaces were all room-in-room and box-in-box systems. the noise reduction level of the performance hall was nc15, which was the highest in the world, and was known as the "music hall on the spring".

  for the first time in china, the project put forward and applied the college design concept of transparency, openness, high-standard sound insulation, natural blending, and high concentration, and adopted five suspended corridors to combine four special-shaped units into one architectural style to achieve the perfect unity of architectural aesthetics and acoustics. the spatial combination form of steel structure was innovated, the single unit and corridor were seamlessly connected, and the pull-out vibration isolation bearings, buckling restrained braces, and tuned mass dampers were jointly arranged to achieve the maximum wind resistance and seismic isolation effect. the vertical assembly processing technology was developed to realize accurate processing of multi-branch complex steel joints. the installation technology of the combined support method was innovated, solving the mutual interference between the construction of internal and external nuclear dense steel structures in "room-in-room". according to the requirements of high standard temperature and humidity and acoustic indexes, seven different air conditioning methods are comprehensively used for the first time. a new industrial-grade intelligent water mixing control technology was developed, realizing the cascade utilization of energy. the air conditioning system of "cold beam radiant plate independent fresh air" was the first in china to be suspended under the acoustic ceiling, which realized the accurate control of temperature and humidity under the continuous change of heat-humidity ratio. for the first time, asymmetric seats were arranged in music halls and concert halls in china, and multi-part sound absorption curtains were set to meet the multi-scene use function, with the reverberation time adjusted by 1s. the precision control technology based on the whole wallboard as the mold opening unit was developed, which solved the problem of anti-sound diffusion wall construction with irregular triangular folded boards. based on the bim intelligent construction management collaborative platform, the software of "whole process simulation and automatic tracking and detection of construction scheme" was researched and developed by using three-dimensional digital means, which realized multi-party collaboration and information management of project site.

  the project won the china construction engineering luban prize, tianjin haihe cup gold award, china steel structure gold award, china installation star, china architectural engineering decoration award, and "pro award" public building design gold award. the scientific and technological achievements formed won 4 science and technology awards of the china steel construction society, and the core technology reached the international leading level after being evaluated by well-known experts.

  since the project was put into use, more than 300 music and art exchange activities have been held, and 103 high-end music talents from all over the world have been trained, which has become a hub for enhancing the artistic appreciation of the chinese public and global cultural exchanges.

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